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meet AG: luxury event & wedding florist based in maine

Abby Garden is an award-winning New England event studio specializing in florals and styling for fine art weddings with an authentic touch. We tell your unique story through the art of creating lush and abundant floralscapes. Finding inspiration in the moments & personal aesthetics of our clients lays the foundation for the materials, textures, and character of the environments we create.

We take a refined method in design using a modern and uncomplicated style infused with classic and timeless elements. In both execution and ambiance, our guest experiences are not only sophisticated and elegant but also warm and inviting. We take on a select number of events per season to provide each couple with a reposed and highly personalized approach. It’s all about you and how our florals can create your perfect space!


We have a love affair with flowers, and we cherish nothing more than telling a love story through the art of floral design! This has been the guiding force behind Abby Garden, which has taken us down the beautiful path of creating bespoke events for the most amazing people. More than just the flowers and design, these relationships are the heartbeat of the AG experience! Keep reading to meet the faces behind the florals.

Courtney began her creative journey at a young age through modern dance and choreography. After completing advanced programs in Miami, New York, and Boston, she sought a simpler life than that of the big city. This led her to experience small-scale, organic gardening apprenticeships throughout New England. She has since spread her roots growing flowers, creating fresh-from-the-garden meals, and designing all over the beautiful East Coast from Florida to Maine. As part of the creative process and with a passion for luxury and sustainable event production, her designs embody fine art, refined yet effortless qualities, gathered from the graceful movements of contemporary dance, stunning gardens, and experiences from around the world!

Courtney Pino

Owner & Creative Director

Iris embarked on her path into floral design through her studies in Fiber Arts at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. After college she relocated to Maine, she spent several years developing her craft alongside a textile designer before making the transition to flowers. Beginning as a freelancer, she discovered a passion for creating large-scale on-site installations, a craft that resonated deeply with her connection to her grandmother, who was a sculptress. Her foundation in fine art lends a hand in her design and ignites her love affair with color theory. During her free time, Iris can often be found traversing the peaks of New England’s mountains, seamlessly blending her affinity for natural elements into her creative work.

Iris Laurent

Manager & Lead Designer

Elise’s journey into the world of florals has been deeply rooted in her upbringing and personal passions. Growing up in Columbus, Ohio, she surrounded herself with creative hobbies. From dancing at a ballet school for many years, playing music with her dad, and transforming her thrift finds into something new; she was constantly immersed in artistic expression. This creative energy eventually led her to discover her love for florals, initially through a lifelong friend’s connection in the wedding industry. She draws inspiration from her grandparents’ beautiful gardens, which likely served as a colorful canvas for her imaginative mind. Additionally, her grandfather’s paintings and her father’s passion for music further nurtured her upbringing around creative people. Outside of her floral endeavors, Elise finds joy in whipping up something in her kitchen or curling up with a good book. She embraces each moment with a zest for creativity and a reverence for the beauty that surrounds her.

Elise Stover

Owner & Creative Director

From a young age, Jay was in awe of the flora and fauna around her. Admiring the beauty of the Adirondack mountains, where she grew up, and the garden in her grandmother’s backyard. Being surrounded by nature felt like home. Inspired by her environment, Jay would create art with flowers she’d find. Using the botanicals as a vessel for her own creativity and growth. This led Jay to turn her passion into her vocation. Jay’s favorite part about designing is bringing a vision to life. Creating complementary moments between the flowers to build dynamic dimension, and ensure their natural curvature, radiant color, and blooms are seen as they stand beside each other. When Jay is not flowering, she is dancing at a local studio in Portland, painting, thrifting, or exploring Maine with friends.

Jay Adams

Lead Designer

When You Choose to Work With Us

You are providing our team with health care options, unlimited sick time and paid family leave for birth and bereavement. Creating a safe, positive, and fun work environment allows us to sustain each member and their families. We occasionally bring our furry friends to the studio and regularly invest in our continued floral growth through creative and educational endeavors. We are always working to make this a place we are proud of!


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We are uncommonly dedicated event and wedding florists, providing exemplary service that exceeds expectations. We are poised and considerate, working through each element with savoir-faire so you can be present throughout your engagement.

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We want your guests to be immersed in an experience that encompasses who you are stylistically. But even more, we want you both to relish in every moment and to take blissful delight in each memory you make!

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Because we cultivate cherished personal relationships working alongside our clients, we take on a select number of events each season. We have time to wholeheartedly and unreservedly focus on each couple.

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We believe love knows no bounds and welcome all its beautiful forms! We strive for diversity within our clients, our staff, and our creative projects. As wedding florists, we constantly work to raise awareness through education, marketing, and social channels.

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Design should be allowed to breathe. We find repose in the absence of complication, within the space between. There is an ease in openness where communities can enjoy a space that serves to enhance the sentiments that brought them together.

We Believe In


Natural doesn’t have to mean plain. Sustainability can be pure and still executed with exquisite elegance. Throughout our work, we are determined to abate our impact and streamline resources for balanced results and an enhanced experience.


Natural doesn’t have to mean plain. Sustainability can be pure and still executed with exquisite elegance. Throughout our work, we are determined to abate our impact and streamline resources for balanced results and an enhanced experience.



From the seeds sown in our gardens when the snow begins to melt, to the arrangements that adorn life’s most treasured moments, our flowers are filled with a connection that reaches deeper than that of their roots. Hard work, dedication, and lots of love are embedded into each petal which further radiates into all the aspects of our designs. Whether you need a wedding florist or flowers for a big event, our aesthetic sensibilities will reflect the rhythms of nature and the cycles of life we experience through the garden each day. We strive to emulate the fluidity of our environment, nurturing its intrinsic qualities and capturing the essence of its inherent sophistication. We work in harmony with our surrounding landscape, stemming from a deep connection with nature and a passion for graceful artistry. We believe wholeheartedly in being proper stewards of the land, preserving its richest qualities while creating a successful and efficient agricultural and floral environment. We are deeply committed to managing excess in design and to thoroughly utilizing every element.


One late summer night, beneath a sky of shooting stars, owner Courtney & her husband Benny fell in love along the banks of the Abagadasset, also known as the “Abby River” near the coast of Maine. We wanted our story, our connection to the land, this beautiful state, and each other to be at the foundation of our business and to inspire all of the work we create.
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We flower within a 3,000 square foot commercial warehouse near pine point beach. Our studio is designed with a modern, industrial and vintage aesthetic with the objective of providing an inspirational space to dream and create together! we encourage you to make an in person appointment to see where the magic happens! Send us an email to book a visit!