Meet Courtney Pino

We are an East Coast based team lead by owner and creative director, Courtney Pino. Courtney began her creative journey at a young age through modern dance and choreography. After completing advanced programs in Miami, New York and Boston, she sought a simpler life than that of the big city. This lead her to experience small-scale, organic gardening apprenticeships throughout New England. She has since spread her roots growing flowers, creating fresh from the garden meals and designing all over the beautiful East Coast from Florida to Maine. As part of the creative process and with a passion for luxury and sustainable event production, her designs embody fine art, refined yet effortless qualities, gathered from the graceful movements of contemporary dance, stunning gardens and experiences from around the world!

Courtney resides on a gorgeous coastal homestead with her husband Benny, replete with animals, perennial and annual flowers, vegetables and plants. Together, they run the home & gardening blog Modern Homestead.

we believe in

We are uncommonly dedicated, providing exemplary service that exceeds expectations. We are poised and considerate, working through each element with savoir-faire so you can be present throughout your engagement.


we believe in

Because we cultivate cherished personal relationships working alongside our clients, we take on a select number of events each season. We have time to wholeheartedly 
and unreservedly focus on each couple.


we believe in

We want your guests to be immersed within an experience that encompasses who you are stylistically. 
But even more, we want you both to relish in every moment and to take blissful delight in each memory you make!


we believe in

Design should be allowed to breathe. We find repose in the absence of complication, within the space between. There is an ease in openness where communities can enjoy a space that serves to enhance the sentiments that brought them together.


we believe in

Natural doesn't have to mean plain. Sustainability can be pure and still executed with exquisite elegance. Throughout our work, we strive to abate our impact & streamline resources for balanced results and an enhanced experience. 


Thomas Jefferson

"No occupation is so delightful to me as the culture of the earth, and no culture comparable to that of the garden."

From the seeds sown in our gardens when the snow begins to melt, to the arrangements that adorn life’s most treasured moments, our flowers are filled with a connection that reaches deeper than that of their roots. Hard work, dedication and lots of love are embedded into each and every petal which further radiates into all the aspects of our designs. Our aesthetic reflects the rhythms of nature and the cycles of life we experience through the garden each day. We strive to emulate the fluidity of our environment, nurturing its intrinsic qualities and to capture the essence of its inherent sophistication. We work in harmony with our surrounding landscape, stemming from a deep connection with nature and a passion for graceful artistry. We believe whole heartedly in being proper stewards of the land, preserving its richest qualities while creating a successful and efficient agricultural environment. We are deeply committed to managing excess in design and to thoroughly utilizing every element.